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Our Legals listed by Department             

We are listed on the Hernando County School Board and Probation Department as a provider for working and gaining volunteer hours.

Florida Dept of Revenue listed as a Not for Profit

Florida Dept of Ag  Licensed to carry a Letter and to Solicit donations

Florida Dept of Fish & Game License Class 3 ( birds)

I.R.S. EIN # as a not for profit Public charity 501(c)(3)

All donations are tax deductible under the 501(c)(3) code. We also are

qualified for donations of Bequests, devices, transfers or other gifts under sections 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the I.R.S. code.

What this means that we can receive almost any donation that you may want to give us and it will be TAX DEDUCTIBLE to you EXCEPT birds or other animals that are turned over to our organization.



If you want to see a copy of our 'books', your request must be in writing and must include your signature. Please allow 48 working hours ( Monday thru Friday ) for our response.


A little about us:

We have been in the Parrot bird 'business' many years, well over 40 years.

Feather to Feather, Inc. was founded to bring together my interest in my Native American Ancestry or Heritage and my love for my Companion Pet Birds and Parrots. In fact the name Feather to Feather stems from my Ancestor's Eagle Feathers ( WE DO NOT BUY, SELL OR TRADE RAPTOR ( Eagles, Hawks or Owls ) FEATHERS  ) to my Parrots Feathers

Although we have been in the business of Parrots ( in one way or the other ) for over 40 years,  the concept of buying and selling Native American things mixed with the Bird Rescue/Sanctuary was just an idea. The actual change over to the Feather to Feather name was done in 2006. The fact is, I have had Pet Bird  almost my entire life, which helped influence my decision to begin our ' Bird Sanctuary \ Native American 'Business'.

We are  Fully Registered, Licensed and Taxed as a Not for Profit in the state of Florida as a Companion Bird Sanctuary and Rescue. All kinds parrots and macaws, birds in general.

Due to space and ALLERGIES we only work with Parrots and other birds.  We do not buy or sell or keep Cats, Fish, Reptiles,  Lions, Tigers or Bears oh my. 

We are also Licensed to do the Buying and Selling of Native American Indian items .   You may contact us for further information so that we may come to you and put on one of our Presentations for kids or adults.

As a person of mixed blood ( a lot of mixes ) I feel the pull to the circle, the drum, Pow Wows, Birds and Nature in general, so I have my hand in many things.

 I am really good with all birds or parrots, not so good with humans at times tho' because I am not subtle and I do tend to be outspoken. Some have  called me "The Bird Whisperer" although I like to think that the birds just naturally understand what I want and do it, however, anyone who has experience with Birds and specifically Parrots, knows that they, like ALL animals, will only do what YOU want them to do, when THEY want to do it.

A true story " Say, Polly want a cracker ?" you beg of the parrot, which  is usually met by silence until you have your hand on the door knob to leave for an important appointment and then he says " Sure, I'll take a cracker......with Peanut Butter on it " ROTFL 

NOTE for anyone working on their family Family Tree and was led to this page.  If you have an interest in Johanna Kasoinah Rea  please email me and put her name in the subject line where we are compiling detail after detail to prove or disprove a theory. Feel free to add whatever information that you may have and any thoughts on the matter also.

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Come Join Us, Have Fun, Be Yourself.....but NO BITING 


Please be Assured

Please be assured that your information will be kept confidential on this list. We will never sell our private list or your information to anyone.